Frequently asked questions

Is the Talk Money with Ecstra Foundation program free?

Talk Money with Ecstra Foundation is provided at no cost to schools, enabling more school students to access financial education and learn key money skills for life.

The Talk Money program has no commercial links or sponsorships. It is funded by Ecstra Foundation, a grant making charitable foundation.

Who are the Talk Money facilitators?

The Talk Money facilitation team are a diverse group of trained facilitators from different backgrounds and life experiences. They are located across Australia and deliver in person and virtual workshops. They all share a commitment to ensuring financial education is accessible and relevant for the schools they are fortunate to work with. You can learn more about the team here.

How is the Talk Money program staying COVID safe?

The Talk Money program is observing the guidelines provided by each state and territory government. Facilitators are required to be fully vaccinated in line with specific state and territory requirements and follow any state directives for visitors operating in school environments. Where in school workshops are not possible due to restrictions, live virtual sessions are offered.

When will the program be available in my school?

Talk Money workshops are being piloted in Term 1, 2022 virtually as schools continue to face uncertainties due to COVID. The Talk Money team will be booking workshops for schools throughout 2022 with in person and virtual options so please register your school here.

How long between the two workshops?

We recommend Workshop B is delivered up to a week after students have participated in Workshop A. If you have specific requirements, simply get in touch with the Talk Money team here.

Are both workshops necessary?

We would recommend registering for both Workshop A and Workshop B to achieve the identified learning outcomes of the workshops.

What are the Talk Money program resources for?

The resources page provides resources that can be delivered by teachers between the delivery of Workshop A and Workshop B. These are designed to complement the facilitator workshops. Additional resources will be added based on feedback and following the pilot sessions. Refer to the Resources page on this website.

How can I book Talk Money workshops for my school?

You can register your school here. We take advance bookings for the following calendar year as well so you can plan ahead and ensure our workshops fit in with your school and class planning .

How do I get more information about the workshops?

Simply call or email the Talk Money team.  We will help answer any questions you may have and can provide you with more information. Please get in touch with the Talk Money team here.

Who is Ecstra Foundation?

Ecstra Foundation (Ecstra) is an independent charitable foundation, committed to building the financial wellbeing of Australians within a fair financial system. Learning about money is a lifelong journey and Ecstra wants to ensure that children and young people have access to effective financial education and guidance when they need it.

Ecstra is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC). For information about Ecstra see the About Us section of this website.

Who manages the Talk Money program?

Ecstra has engaged EY to manage the implementation and day to day logistics of the Talk Money program.
The EY team has over 20 years of expertise in the design, delivery, facilitation and evaluation of large scale behaviour change programs in the community, social and education sectors.

How can Ecstra offer Talk Money at no cost to schools?

Ecstra received Community Benefit Payments under the terms of various Enforceable undertakings accepted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Ecstra uses these funds for the benefit of the community through community grants and partnerships. This funding also means Ecstra can offer Talk Money at no cost to schools, ensuring more students can access quality, independent financial education.